Time Will Tell

Artist Statement

The way life, of the land or of the body, evolves has always fascinated me. With the passage of time, all forms of matter morph into something else. Structures emerge and decay; new structures emerge.

Interest in celebrating the forces of nature now leads me to contemplate how external forces affect our world and ourselves. During an artist residency in Venice our waters came into full focus, as did the problems created by our throw-away culture. I began collecting detritus along canals and beaches to incorporate into art on translucent paper, which allows the eye to penetrate, and results in views similar to what we might see through a glass-bottomed boat.

The enduring beauty of the water helps us to avoid seeing the matter as foreign, to remember its potential toxicity and that much which is harmful is not even visible to the naked eye. Appreciating the natural evolutionary processes heightens attention to the ways in which we may be making unlivable the very creation we need for life itself.