Sentieri Trascendentali

Artist Statement

My art has often focused on connection to our historic past: who we are and where we come from. In this series the human connection is made through the line. Ancient Peruvians from the Nazca area for example, made hundreds of miles of mysterious lines on their high plateaus, and contemporary railroad lines and highways seen from the air likely resemble those pre-historic paths. The line also evokes the spinal column and the location of the Shushumna nadi, which in Hindu texts is spoken of as a primary energy channel in the body.

Earth-tones of molten beeswax, an ancient art medium, are brushed on, layer by layer, and the primal element of fire melds the wax. The resulting patterns evoke the effects of the passage of time in nature, bringing to mind winds on desert sands, creating ridges, winds on water, creating waves, and cuts in woods, which create rays.

From earliest days art has been meant to guide the eye, body and spirit on journeys - to places within, to places outside, to transcendental places. I invite viewers to empty their minds and follow these lines as a guide on their own journeys through time and across space to the links, connections, and forces which join and shape us and our world.