Intimate Universe II

Artist Statement

The way life, of the land or of the body, evolves has always interested me. With the passage of time, hundreds of millions of years for the land and hundreds of generations for the body, some things wear; others endure. Erosion shapes, wearing away what is fragile, leaving that which won't yield. Age and exercise do the same for the body; wisdom and suffering for the mind.

The earth is moved, at its deepest level, by heat; our bodies "burn" energy, and heat makes wax malleable. As I alternately build up and take away layer upon layer, I consider the effects of heating and cooling within the earth's crust and the effects of daily life on our bodies. Moving the wax requires a delicate dance, and exhilaration is the reward when I am able to follow the flow without losing control. As in nature, just the right amount of control retains equilibrium and loss of it results in chaos and ruin.

Wax offers exciting possibilities for accretion, and surfaces have been built up using molded papers and diverse waxes. In keeping with the organicity of the topic, natural substances such as tea leaves, red clay, ashes, charcoal, and carbon are integrated.

In deep time geology processes are continuous, everything morphing into something else. Structures emerge and decay; new structures emerge. Appreciation of these natural evolutionary processes heightens attention to the ways in which we may be making unlivable the very creation we need for life itself.