Interior Dialogue

Artist Statement

Certain paradoxes fascinate me. On the one hand, our bodies are the “universes” in which cells are born and die, and on the other, cells are the universe on which our physical bodies depend and in which the “I’ of our existence is wholly embedded. Another paradox is that of permanence and change. We see ourselves as permanent and slowly evolving, though the substance of our bodies is changing by the minute.

In these paintings, the human vessel is stripped away to reveal what lies within. The mixed media reflect the organicity of the internal processes: plant-based Kitikata paper has a translucence that allows the eye to penetrate through layers of imagery; the transparency of natural beeswax provides an inviting lens through which these multiplicities are visible, seemingly magnified by the translucency of the wax. The image shapes and their presentation under glass is reminiscent of the way body tissue specimens display aspects of our internal history.

Viewers might imagine they are peering into the very cell and its nucleus. Or that they are looking out into the cosmos. They are invited to become entangled in this inexplicable continuum and coexistence.